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Age of Empires Tricks and Trick

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Age of Empires Tricks – Age of Empires is a game where you have to beat your opponents on a particular map. So, you need the army and build an army, you need food, buildings as well as training camps. This is where the fun begins. You have absolute freedom to do what you want with the available resources, bearing in mind that the depletion of resources. Using resources effectively, build an army and take on the world!

There are three main versions of the game, namely: Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, and Age of Empires III. After the third and expanded edition, not more produced a copy.If you want to win the Age of Empires, read some Age of Empires Tricks below.

The first Age of Empires Tricks is basing site. When you start the game which you did not have played much before, like, you do not know or remember where the enemy is the seat map for a particular scenario. A simple way to find out is to check the color of the flag, control the map and check the presence of the flag to know who is where.

Second, make the unit more quickly. Each unit has own shortcut letter on keyboard in a way to train units faster than clicking. The building also had their messages, the unit canbe the same letter, and however you should have the modified building chosen. Instead of pressing a button 15 or 20 times, you can link this letter with the SHIFT key. This will make the unit 5 on 5, so as to fill the shooting, or the barracks, press the Shift key and press the shortcut symbols three times only, to meet the unit’s queue.

Your opponents may see that you have a civilization which specializes in a certain unit. He may hope that you will your army base with these units and only use a combat unit to these units. Then you need to make the very opposite to the unit, which your opponent want you to use.

Using this strategy can be dangerous, because the opponents can be expected to build a strategy and build the counter to the radical unit which you’re planning to create. When your enemy and you use archers units, it’s a range battle. If you have longer-range shooters you can draw your back only when the enemy can reach you. It would make his men to follow up the unit and let them out of reach. Stop the current shooters killed followers. Doing this repeatedly is named the hit-and-run, but it is a fair way to take advantage of the enemy. This could be banned for some types of games.

Most of the time, when you lose the enemy, he will pull the unit in order to save them. If you can guess at the time, or even to respond quickly after that pulled them, move your unit closer to them, in the way you can reach them when they are running away. That’s all about Age of Empires Tricks you can try.

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