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God is Rome Tips

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God is Rome Tips is a fighting game created by Gameloft. You should select some Olympus residents as your fighter and show your strengths to other gods. As you progress through the game you have to constantly develop and improve your character. Although there are a lot of mobile games where the characters must solve problems with each other using fists, this game have many fans. Why? Because this game is very exciting! Read the following Gods of Rome Tips!

During the game you must have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters and find out their attacks. In addition, it is necessary to determine the reward you got from your opponents and partner. For example, sometimes you can get a bonus if you struggle along with a certain fighter. Sometimes you get a bonus when fighting against certain fighters. If you learn to understand all of this, the game will be much easier!

Even if you have some strong champions on your team, try to raise the level of the weakness of your character. There are several ways to improve your character in this game. One is to spend money and upgrade materials for the upper-level. Upgrades materials can be found at different levels of the story mode, as well as on special occasions. Ichor is one of upgrade material, and there is common Ichor category as well of other types. Do not spend all the points with a strong expertise and XPS weak fighters. If during the game you are suddenly a good fighter, it is better to exchange itfor one you do not spend a lot of experience points.

An interesting feature of the gods of Rome is that it is highly desirable to complete the story missions in this game at least twice. Why you should play this way? Becauseyou will be able to access all hidden places and get all the benefits. If you get stuck at a certain level and you cannot beat it and then return to the previous level and play again. So you can top-level fighter and defeat these difficult levels.

One of Gods of Rome Tips is to do not rush to battle to try to destroy the enemy with your punches, because your enemy will try to carry out attacks. You will get three main types of attack in this game that is light, medium and heavy blow, as well as two types of defense “blocking and avoid”. So see him and block his attacks or simply dodge to the side. The latter is better because you cannot prevent weight (charged) attacks. So watch out for the enemy, and immediately went to the side as soon as he is ready to direct a heavy blow. Thus you will get a bit of damage and the chances of winning the game will be higher.

You can create combos longer than the authorized by mixing fast and medium strikestogether. For example, do two jabs and medium punch, and a couple of jabs. Every time you turn punch combo type will reset, but you can keep the attack lasted for a long time as long as you are fast enough to know when they will begin to beat you back. That is all about Gods of Rome Tips.

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